Ann Grossman Wunderlich - Wonder Woman

The first word that comes to mind when you meet Ann Grossman Wunderlich is “powerful.” Not the “I’m going to take over the world” kind, but the “I can take anything it throws at me” version. Ann’s energy and passion precede her the moment she enters a room. It’s so strong that it envelops you and draws you in right from the start of your conversation.

As a professional tennis player, other words like ace, backhand, baseline, deuce and love were actively part of Wunderlich’s daily vocabulary. Today, she still flexes those vernacular muscles as the Traveling Tennis Pro at the New Albany Country Club; however, her newest venture, CF2 - CrossFit Future, has a lexis all its own.

WODs, kettlebells, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups and toes-to-bar are just a few of the terms that make up the CrossFit world. Emphasizing strength, functionality and agility, a CrossFit workout is about making people stronger, faster and ultimately fit. And anyone can do it, even kids. Wunderlich opened the gym, located in Blacklick, with her husband Eric, a former Olympic swimmer and two other partners.

“I fell in love with CrossFit because when I finished the workouts, not only was I proud of myself, but I became much happier,” says Wunderlich. “I feel that when I walk out of the gym I can achieve anything I want.” 

Wunderlich admits that this type of workout may seem intimidating at first, but with simple modifications, a beginner can feel the same energy and passion after one workout that she does after doing it for several years. Everyone in the gym is there to get fit and to share in the experience.

“A friend of mine who recently joined told me that she’s never walked out of a gym where everyone is saying, ‘Way to go, you were awesome,’” muses Wunderlich. “When you go to the gym, everyone just has their headphones on and they’re focused on what they are doing. Here, it’s a group effort and we encourage each other.”