Todd Cooperider - Better Than New

It’s difficult for Todd Cooperider to sit at a red light while he’s behind the wheel and not notice small details about the other cars around him. Swirls in paint glare at him, scratches from careless polishing stare back at him, and whenever he sees someone drying their hood with a beach towel, he cringes just a little inside.

“You have to be a little bit obsessive-compulsive to do what I do for a living,” says Cooperider. “To be able to spend up to 60 hours working on a detail, you have to have an eye for detail.”

The long detail sessions Cooperider has put in mostly fall into the category of exotic and rare cars, ones that have names like Ferrari and Porsche attached to their very expensive bodies. His business, Esoteric Auto Detail, which once was located

in his house in Westerville, now operates in part of a garage in New Albany that specializes in high-end exotic cars. At the time we were there, a Ferrari F40 is sitting in the garage, polished up to Cooperider’s very high standards, ready to be

sent back to its out-of-state owner. “The thing about my job is that I really want to bring the car back, but not take away any of the history in the process,” says Cooperider. “That’s why I put a lot of time and research into making sure every facet is addressed.”

This might be why Cooperider has become one of the biggest authorities on detailing in the country, especially on Ferraris. It’s a topic he’s written articles for in a national publication and been honored for being one of the premier detailers in the country. You get the sense while talking to him that it’s

a hobby that has become a passionate art for him.

“I think everyone knows that a car can be one of the worst investments that anyone can make,” says Cooperider. “The way I look at it is why not try to maintain and take care of that investment as much as possible?”

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