Bryce Boley - Roll Out

One day, while scanning over the classifieds, Bryce Boley saw something that caught his eye — a wheel-straightening business on the north end of downtown that was on the market for a meager fee. Already an accomplished mechanic, he saw a major opportunity in the business and snatched it up with an eye on the future.

 “It’s been five years since we took over the business,” says Boley. “We’ve quadrupled our sales and moved into a bigger location.” Clearly, it seems Boley has a knack for straightening things out.

Wheel Medic Inc., Boley’s aluminum wheel-straightening and restoration business, is one of the few operations of its kind in the country. Wheel Medic Inc. takes cars that have suffered from the potholes and rugged winter-damaged streets of Columbus and gets them back on the road, looking like they came straight from the factory. On any given day, wheels are scattered across the cement garage floor, all in different phases of their journey back to new. From Fieros to Jaguars, Bryce’s skilled crew can turn wheels around in about 48 hours which is key to many of their customers.

After an extensive background in the automotive industry, Boley still traces his love for automobiles back to working on them with his father while growing up in Worthington. A 1934 Ford sitting in his massive new garage at Wheel Medic Inc. is a testament to that.

“We started working on this car when I was a kid,” says Boley. “It’s about 85 percent restored. We need to finish the interior and just get a couple of other things done ... that is, when I can find the time between Wheel Medic Inc. and everything else.”

The Chrome Exchange, a new partnership that Boley has entered into with family in Cleveland, is a more inexpensive and environmental way to chrome plate wheels. Boley believes the service will be commonplace in a matter of years.

“The way that chrome was being done before was causing things like three-headed fish,” says Boley. “Every car is going to have this in less than a decade.”

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