Stas Makarov - Put to the Test

Thunderous roars erupt from under the polished hoods of souped-up Mitsubishis and Camaros, causing Stas Makarov, owner of IPS Motorports, to pause mid-sentence and wait for the rumbles to subside before he continues to answer a question. The slightly annoyed look on his face would indicate that he has accepted these signature roars, accompanied with well-tuned power, as commonplace within the cavernous garage that probably has 30 to 40 cars being attended to at any given time.

Makarov, who originally went to school for hospitality management, ditched his major, followed his passion and bought IPS a couple of years ago, taking him from an introduction to the world of aftermarket parts to owning a business that fabricated them.

“When I got my first car, a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, I lived in Illinois where they have emissions testing,” says Makarov. “I ended up having to get something replaced and found out that I could get something that was aftermarket made that was cheaper and actually improved the car’s performance.”

This opened his eyes to a whole new world where he could take his car in to be tweaked, tuned and upgraded to add the power to make him accelerate down the freeway like he’d never done before. His interests eventually brought him to IPS, where after being a customer, he saw an opportunity to purchase the shop, and he couldn’t pass it up.

IPS’ reputation for speed was solidified last year in Atlanta when the shop’s sponsored orange 2007 Corvette Z06 set a world record. This Corvette and other cars like it make Makarov optimistic that IPS can expand beyond the borders of Lewis Center and go international, with locations in Dubai and Moscow as possibilities for an expansion in

the future.

“I don’t think that these are unrealistic goals that I’m setting,” says Makarov. “There is this perception out there that after market parts are somehow inferior, and we’re out to prove that isn’t true.”

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