Brady Konya - Unfiltered Success

The passion that exudes from Brady Konya is evident in every word that he says. Sitting with most of the inner- workings as a perfect backdrop in the now nationally renowned distillery, Middle West Spirits, which is 50 percent of his doing, Konya talks about his four-year journey into the world of micro-distilling. The metal fermenting goliaths with pipes running in and out sit to the left accompanied by shelves of wooden whiskey barrels to the right. The copper roots are firmly planted in the Short North, turning out a product that is inspired by the city and its surroundings.
“The city itself is going through its own upstart process; there’s an incredibly young, vibrant energy here that’s really interesting to be a part of,” says Konya. “You see the incubation that happens here and it’s really inspiring, especially on the small business side because it’s those small innovations that in so many ways define the social and cultural experience in Columbus.”
Four years ago, when Konya and his business partner Ryan Lang found themselves transplanted to Columbus to support their significant others, they were surprised in
what they found pulsing from the centers of Broad and High streets and wanted to be a part of it like so many small businesses have. After months brainstorming, they had a serendipitous moment where they came to realize that their skills and passions lended themselves to creating a spirit that made imbibing a culinary experience.
“We had meeting after meeting plotting ideas, and then we came up with this idea that gave us butterflies and we knew that we had to explore it,” says Konya. “We saw the opportunities to take all of the things that were in and of themselves inherently world-class here and just kind of connected the dots.”
After years of learning to distill and tracing all of their ingredients and flavors from the four corners of the state, their dream became a reality when Middle West Spirits started bottling up Oyo vodka and whiskey two years ago.
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