Brent & Melissa Jenkins - A New Fix

It’s a sad fact in life, but the majority of Americans and
Columbusites are more likely to have dipped into a box of Twinkies or a bag of Doritos in the last day than a bag of organic cookies made right around the corner. We seek outjunk food like vampires do blood, Canadians do hockey,or Michael Bay does explosions. Most people don’t realizethat there are healthy alternatives out there to the labels that took their hearts years ago, or they just don’t want to take achance on something new.
This war on unhealthy snacking is something that Brent andMelissa Jenkins are taking on with Sprig, a new subscription service offering healthy snacks. “I think there are a lot ofpeople out there that look at some of the organic good
stuff on the shelves and think about it, but are afraid orintimidated and never take that next step,” says Melissa. “Wet ry to sort out what we think is the best of the best and takethat out of the equation.”
After admiring the success and business model of asubscription cosmetics service last October, a small seed was planted in the mind of Brent Jenkins that, after a coupleof name changes, grew into Sprig. Relatives and neighbors  always asked the Jenkins where they did their shopping.They wanted to know if the pair could shop for them and bring the healthy deliciousness to their pantries. The Jenkins realized they had found their niche.

“I think we all just want to feel better about a lot of things, andone is what we put in our body, and the easiest way to changethat on a daily basis is by what we put in our mouth,” saysBrent. “We’ve tried to do it every day, but there are a millionpeople out there that don’t and we want to try to share what we’ve found with them and make their lives better.”
So while both working full-time jobs, they set out to farmer’s markets and scoured the Internet to find localproducts they consider excellent that are not only healthy,but have a story behind who produces them. The snacks that made the cut ended up in one of three Sprig boxes thatget shipped to your door, waiting to make you feel better inmore ways than one.
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