No Excuses - Lex McAllister

When Lex McAllister moved home to Columbus after years living in NYC, she didn’t have a job, any money and no clue what to do next. e one thing McAllister had going for her was her dream to own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. With a little bit of savings and good credit, she nanced a 2007 H-D Nightster. For most, it would just be a vehicle purchase, but in reality, McAllister was laying the building blocks for a new career in media.
As a way to gure out her next steps and even more, just to just relax, McAllister took to the open roads and car shows with her new motorcycle and ’68 Z28 Camaro. In the fall of 2008, the Camaro won Best Unrestored Muscle Car at a local car show as well as an interview with the newly formed Auto Smarts Radio. Aer the station interviewed McAllister and her father, she couldn’t help but ask why the hosts didn’t have a “chick” on their show to balance out all the boy talk. A week later she joined Auto Smarts Radio as the female sidekick. That was just the first of many steps that would lead her to launch her NO Excuses live talk show that broadcasts on K95.5 and Wink 107.1 every Sunday evening from 8-9 p.m.
“Talk radio is unlike any other medium, because it’s the one place that still affords and encourages legitimate dialog and discussion,” says McAllister. “Our goal with NO Excuses is to talk about local and national people and groups overcoming the unthinkable, persevering and pushing their minds, bodies and spirits to the limit. However, when talking about NO Excuses, we also talk about those people and groups making tons of excuses for themselves... actually, we make fun of them.”
Mix this with a bit of random banter between McAllister and her co-host Dan Stover, nicknamed Boy-Man, and you’ve got yourself a talk show that is growing like wildre. She is currently negotiating syndication in Baltimore, Maryland, which will hopefully allow her to partner with national radio syndication groups, and then take the show into multiple cities at once.