The Exotic Workshop - Craig Reed

When you walk through the doors of Studio 47 in New Albany, it’s abundantly clear that this is not your standard run-of-the-mill auto shop. Like the exotic cars that are taken care of in the back, special attention is paid to every aesthetic detail. The walls are lined with iconic car movie posters, a Ferrari engine sets off to the side like the piece of art that it is and a mural of a day at a racetrack makes you feel like a spectator at a race somewhere in Europe. Owner Craig Reed knew that the cars he worked on were more a piece of art than anything, so after 30 years of experience working on them, he knew his shop couldn’t just be a shop. 
“I couldn’t just call it an auto shop. It’s not like there are rags and oil all over the place back there,” says Reed. “ It’s like we’re restoring fine pieces of art for our customers, so we had to call it a studio.” 
Reed, who says he was lucky to fall into a situation out of high school working with someone who exposed him to Ferraris and other exotics, has always been interested in anything mechanical. Growing up in a rural area, he remembers having a motorcycle and having to fix it on  his own or not ride at all. So when he was exposed to the high-end Italian sports cars, he was intrigued by what he saw under the hood. 
“They were doing things that we hadn’t done at that point  in the states,” says Reed. “The amount of care that they would put in some little part to make it look cool was amazing. It showed me how much care and time they  put into it; they could have just made that part completely plain, but they put the time in.” 
Studio 47 has been open for nearly two years and has steadily been fixing and restoring Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis from all over the country. As evident by the number of cars in his garage, business is good, but Reed is always looking toward the future, possibly getting more involved in the racing side of things.