Storyteller - Barbara Wayman

Whether it’s through a national marketing campaign for an iconic product like Cracker Jack, or in the pages of a magazine highlighting the hotspots in a locale like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, telling stories via any outlet that presents itself to her has always been something that Barbara Wayman has enjoyed. It’s led her through the doors of large corporations, to running her own business, to being in front of the camera. 

“I think I just have a lot of curiosity, and I’m genuinely interested in things, people and stories, and I’m a really good listener,” Wayman says, “So when people share something with me, I actually hear it and am able to kind of pick out what would be the most interesting or appealing to other people.” 

These skills became apparent to Wayman after a creative writing class in high school opened her eyes to the possibility of journalism as a career path. She then went on to The Ohio State University’s journalism school, graduating with a masters in journalism and a bachelor’s degree in communications. Wayman parlayed her education into a public relations career out of the gate with Borden, keeping her in Columbus. 

This allowed Wayman to work with national brands like Creamettes Pasta, Classico Pasta Sauce and Cracker Jack 
and put together award-winning campaigns for the ultra-recognizable products. After leaving Borden and working at other agencys in town, Wayman went out on her own and launched Blue Tree Media in 2001, eventually compiling a client list that includes local companies like Wendy’s, Ohio Health, Riverside Hospital and AAA. Wayman concedes that in the time span she has been active in public relations, a lot has changed, but also stayed the same. 

“The most important is storytelling: It will always be about the stories we share with people, and finding those stories, and capturing them in a way that engages the people,” Wayman says. “What has changed a lot is the delivery of the story and who we tell it to.” 

On top of her work in the Columbus area, Wayman has been a travel writer for AAA magazine for 10 years, taking her from San Francisco to Germany and other places around the globe in an effort to help travelers know where to go and why. This has nourished the world traveler in Wayman and taken her to places she never would have set foot otherwise. 
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