A Cut Above the Rest - Amy Bush

Amy Bush, owner of ambushed, a curly hair salon, is on fire. No, we don’t mean that just because of her fiery red, curly locks, either. This heat is fueled by her sheer passion and drive in an industry that can and will leave you out in the cold.

Amy’s secret? Not only is she one of the most highly sought-after curly-hair stylists in the city, but her salon in the Short North is the only curly-haired salon in the state. Perhaps that explains why clients fly into Columbus just to see her, or even better, fly her to see them. She doesn’t just fill a much-needed niche; she takes it much further than that.

“I kept hearing about how many people disliked their curly hair,” reflects Amy. “I wanted to provide them with an option to wear it as it was intended, naturally. I’m able to provide something that is really viable.” Thanks to her experiences and training over the past 20 years in New York, London, Toronto and Los Angeles, Amy has created and perfected her curly hair philosophies that allow anyone with wavy, kinky or curly hair to embrace their curls and wear them as nature intended. While classroom instruction was the original basis, most of her techniques were framed by not only revealing what was best for her clients, but by actually listening to them.

“I learn by continuing to figure out puzzles and seeing what works and what doesn’t work – seeing what other educators are doing in the industry and breaking down what they are doing,” notes Amy. Word has spread, especially online, about Amy and her ambushed team. It’s what she likes to call, “curl awareness.” There are hundreds of reviews that speak to the life-changing experiences her clients have had after embracing their curls at ambushed. “I feel honored that I am able to provide a service to a neglected portion of the population,” she says. “There is a need that’s going to continue to grow and being able to fill that void and provide something unique is truly exhilarating.”