The Torg Scott Torgerson

Scott Torgerson admits that when he was growing up in Minnesota, he didn’t get stellar grades and he wasn’t a star athlete. But whatever conviction he lacked in the classroom, he made up by assuredly deciding his career path as a junior in high school — and then systematically making it a reality. Torgerson wanted to have a career in broadcasting, and the first step was to attend Brown College in his hometown of Minneapolis, a school that was known for its broadcasting program. 
Unfortunately, he found that as eager as he was to dive into the industry, the industry wasn’t as eagerly waiting to offer him a job upon graduation. “I wanted to be a play-by-play guy, and so we had a sports play-by-play class that we took in college, and I sent my tape to — I kid you not — every minor league baseball team. And now, not all of them responded, but I got turned down by every single one of them.” Torgerson says. 
He didn’t give up. Minneapolis had one of the biggest sports radio stations in the country, KFAN. While a student at Brown College, Torgerson had called a producer at KFAN and asked to sit in and watch one of the shows. The producer acquiesced, and Torgerson was allowed to observe. 
“So when I graduated, I asked the producer for an internship. ‘He said sure, come on down, you can interview for an internship.’ And actually before the interview started, he said, ‘Well I’m going to surprise you here: You’re interviewing for a job, not an internship.’” Torgerson says. “So my first job, I got very lucky. I got a job at KFAN… and then just kind of worked my way up from being a producer for years, working across the country building my resume up, to finally getting a shot to do my own show.” 
Now, Torgerson is one half of “The Common Man and The Torg,” a weekday radio show on 97.1 The Fan Sports Radio. He and Mike ‘The Common Man’ Ricordati have a chemistry that allows them to say pretty much anything without offending the other. “There are some people you work with and you think, ‘Uh oh, I crossed a line here.’” Torgerson says. “With Mike and I, there are not boundaries. We know our touchy subjects, but we’re really honest about our personal lives. When we tell a story on air, I guarantee it’s 99.9 percent true—we might just exaggerate it a little bit, but it’s honest-to-God truth.” 
Editor’s Note: Scott Torgerson is no longer with 97.1 The Fan