Life Saver - Brian Minier

After the struggling economy hit what appeared to be rock bottom years ago, portfolios that were once ripe for comfortable retirements and earmarked for college tuitions were pillaged over night. At only a shadow of their former self, it was hard to realistically look at investing in a market that had such a recent backlash. When Brian Minier decided to change careers to one that involved helping people save for the future, it was important to be able to guarantee some form of stability in a time of economic recovery. 
“It was important to me to be in a position where I would never have to sit across from a family and tell them that everything is gone, or we took a huge hit,” Minier says. “It is just not something that I have to worry about anymore.” 
Minier, who once occupied an office at Nationwide Insurance, decided to pack it up and go into business for himself, but still be part of a team. Eagle Financial Solutions, a company that he hadn’t heard much about, came into the picture, and he was impressed with what they had to offer. It was a company that believed in low risk investment that would have a definite payout if they didn’t veer off the plan. It was a job where he could help people make their dreams come true and not have to worry about some massive fluctuation in stocks crushing them. 
“It seems so simple in theory, I guess,” Minier says. “You plot out a course and stick with it, and we can make that money grow. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this before. It’s a great way to save for college and retirement without having a penalty if you suddenly need some of that cash back.” 
Minier recently headed up Eagle Financial Solutions’ charitable arm that allows people to grow funds intended for a charity. In some cases, these methods yielded a substantial increase in what people were able to offer charities. In a case illustrated on their site, it doubled the amount and allowed a more immediate infusion into the charity. 
“Philanthropy was always very important in my family growing up,” Minier says. “It makes it all the more rewarding helping people give back to their community, cause or church of their choice.” 
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