Edutainment - Greg Yoakam

Early on as a father, Greg Yoakam leaned quickly that there were only so many storytime sessions at the library that could keep his children engaged – and keep him from losing his mind. He went on his own quest to look for better things that he could do with his kids than what the traditional outlets in town had to offer. What he found was a void of information that could point other eager parents into the right direction. 

“I would spend a lot of time looking for places and things to do with my family,” says Yoakam. “I kind of said to myself, ‘Why not start a website that really concentrates in that one area?’ And that’s really where KidsLinked was born.” 

With a business degree from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, and a previous job dealing with software development at Cardinal Health, KidsLinked was hardly the path that Yoakam thought he would take. In a small window of time, what was intended to be a part-time gig turned into a full-time job and continues to grow to more than he ever thought it would. 

“When we started out, we were just really a website,” Yoakam says. “Now we are putting on multiple events every year and planning marathons for kids. We have a print publication and are planning expansion to Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indiana.” 

What started as an event in conjunction with Red, White and Boom turned into a series of events that allowed KidsLinked to partner up with local children mainstays  like COSI and The Columbus Zoo. He realized then that  his little website could be much more than just a website  for families and children in central Ohio. 
Yoakam has really made it a point for KidsLinked to make more of an impact on the community than being a calendar of events for parents to scroll through or an event that a child goes to a couple times a year. He wants to make kids healthier, or at least set them on the path to a healthier life. He wants to help get kids ready for school with supplies and he wants to help out in Columbus and beyond. 

“I know there are a lot of companies out there that say they care,” Yoakam says, “The difference with us is that we really care what the kids are getting out of everything, and we are really trying to do more to have an impact on them.” 
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