Finder's Fee Tom Mullin

“I find that I’ve had to fix a lot of bad haircuts,” says Mullin. 
“I get these companies that come to me and say they’ve invested so much money with one agency and that it’s just not working out for their brand.”
Mullin’s first foray as an independent business owner was to  call all of the creative resource outlets in the area, while posing as a business in need of service. He then rated them on their price point, efficiency, professionalism and various other things. Those that made his list of the “best of the best”  would be recommended to marketers whose brands fit  their logic, focus and ability.
“When I was in my previous job, I would wish for resources that I knew another agencies had at their disposal that could really fit the brands I was representing,” says Mullin. “Today,  it’s in my best interest to find marketers an agency that has those resources that will make them look like a rock star.”
For the marketing client, Connected is free, as Mullin’s pay comes from the agency, so everything is aimed at getting the marketer’s needs satisfied. Mullin even donates five percent of his take to a charity of the marketer’s choice. His family’s charitable ways were driven into him at an early age. From his dad’s involvement with the Charity Newsies and his mother’s donations and helpfulness to anyone, it just made sense to  him to try and put some of his fee back into the community.              
“I want Connected to become the go-to for marketers when they need to find someone,” says Mullin. “That’s my goal,  to be the first thought when you need a resource, and you’ll know that I’ll come through.”

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