Constant Savings James Manville and Will Bateman

“I was working in home improvements at the time, and when I found this product, I just had to keep it for myself,” says Bateman. “My partner, James, and I had always been looking for some kind of business to start with each other and this just seemed like the perfect fit.”
In only a couple of years, Manville and Bateman have seen their company, Energy Rescue, grow exponentially, and they are diligently exploring new avenues to foster future growth. Their first product, a thin reflective roll of insulation called Energy Shield, pays for itself within a couple of years by cutting energy costs at levels of forty percent or more. That “shield” ironically became the window into a whole new world of products that an energy conscious America would soon be looking for.
“It’s actually a technology that was developed by NASA years ago, as most great technologies seem to be,” says Manville. “ It uses the same principles as your normal thermos or the reflector shields that you put in your car window to keep it cool. It works amazingly well and a lot of people are surprised at how much it can do by just being placed in the attic in the right places.”
Today, they offer a litany of energy saving products in the same vein as Energy Shield. They vary from energy efficient windows and siding to an energy rescue unit that recovers lost energy used by household appliances. Every product is aimed at saving energy and money in the near future and is the first step most Americans could take in making a dent into what they take from the grid without suffering a financial burden.

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