A Heart for Upstarts James Moore

“I’ve always loved the idea of small businesses and the idea of people being able to work for themselves,” says Moore. “It seems like people are always very knowledgeable of the business they want to start up, but not as knowledgeable on how to make it actually happen on the business side. That’s where we come in and try to help.”
It’s obvious that Moore loves what he does and seems to have had his fair share of involvement owning or semi-operating small businesses that span from restaurants to boat detailing. But it wasn’t until recently that he could take those experiences and start a business that would be a one-stop shop for all small businesses. “I had been working for a company that prepared or helped prospective small business owners get financing,” says Moore.
“I also know that there are other companies that help create business plans for small businesses. It just seemed logical to have a business that offered everything a small business owner might need to get started.”
The response has been sizeable. In these economic times, people who have lost their jobs at large corporations have found a silver lining in the possibility of being able to take a stab at an idea they might have had before joining the corporate world. Time combined with necessity has brought a lot of potential business owners to Moore’s doorstep. The trend for locally owned businesses in Columbus over the past years has made Moore try to focus Small Business Owner’s of America’s sights on Columbus with a downtown office.
“It’s great to see so much going on here in Columbus,” says Moore. “There’s nothing really more rewarding than helping someone get their doors open and realize their goal. We’re trying to make sure that happens as much as possible here.”

For more information on James Moore go to www.sbooa.org