Strong Willed Samantha Bossert

“The high that you get from being a part of the whole event
and competing is amazing,” Bossert says. ”Working out two
times a day and not being able to eat everything I want for
months is rough, but to realize that weekend I am looking
my absolute best, it seems worth it.”
With only around eight months of competing under her
belt, Bossert has placed from first to seventeenth over the
span of her short career. Th e whole idea of being an NPC
bikini competitor didn’t cross her mind until she saw the ads
and models looking back at her in various fitness magazines.
She wanted to be one of those girls on stage and felt like she
had the discipline to make it happen.
As an Ohio State nursing student, she has a strong grasp on
fitness and balances class with constant workouts and her
family life. With her looks, drive and ambition, she hopes
to be posing on the cover of a fitness magazine like the girls
who opened her eyes to the competitive world she’s now
a part of.
Bossert plans on competing in the Arnold Classic for her
next challenge and is already prepping for her effort. Strong
willpower and self-discipline seem to be her key weapons,
but the constructed workouts and plans she’s adopted made
her realize that getting in that kind of shape is possible
for anyone.
“I always saw these plans and diets and thought the same
way about them as everyone else did, but some of these
things really work,” Bossert says. “When you look at
someone who competes in their off -season and then
months later, when they are competing, you can see the
change. Th ere is a way to do it, and they’ve figured it out.”

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