Raising the bar Terry Yanko, Zach Beebe, Dillon Beck, David Zamore

“I was in Korea and got the worst hangover I’d ever had after
a night of drinking Soju and Absolut Mandarin,” says Yanko.
“The next day my friends gave me this drink that had the
Hoveniadulcis fruit as a main ingredient and I was amazed at
how much better I felt almost immediately.”
Yanko was surprised to find that the Hoveniadulcis fruit,
something that was used in foods all over Korea, hadn’t been
taken advantage of in many places in the rest of the world. That
was when he decided to get a group of friends together and
form a company that would later become Life Support.
“I got in touch with a group of very talented friends I’d known
since high school that I knew would be interested in getting in
on the company,” says Yanko. “ They all came into the company
as part-owners and gave up jobs because they believed in
the product.”
Yanko, along with friends Zach Beebe, Dillon Beck and David
Zamore, started working on their formula and branding for
their product, a hangover cure in the form of a crisp apple-
flavored drink called Life Support. Th e result is a sleek black
and blue bottle with added vitamins and antioxidants that
make the drink even more than just a hangover relief.
Being in Columbus, in the shadow of one of the country’s
biggest universities, makes it an ideal place to launch Life
Support. Though they recommend not having a hangover
in the first place, they welcome the challenge of anyone
who doesn’t think that they’re product doesn’t live up to the
promises they make. Yanko and company promise that the
science behind Life Support doesn’t just mask the symptoms
of a hangover like greasy food, it actually helps cure them.

For more information on Terry Yanko and Life Support
go to www.lifesupport.com