Matt Dopkiss & Bobby Whitman - Blowing Up

When it comes to bragging about the burgeoning metropolis of Columbus, it seems that nearly every person in central Ohio is brimming with hometown pride. And while you'll most often hear about the dominance of the Ohio State football program, the low cost-of-living index or even the city's sustained growth as compared to the other major cities in Ohio, our proud residents might also be interested to learn that Forbes Magazine recently gave Columbus the #1 slot on its list of up-and-coming technology cities in America.

Two residents who aren't surprised in the least by this accolade (and are actually helping to lead the local technology charge) are Matt Dopkiss and Bobby Whitman of dynamIt, a firm specializing in web engineering, design and development. Over the past couple of years, much ado has been made of the duo's wunderkind status (after all, their ages do combine to total less than 50 years), but it's their unshakable commitment to customer service and satisfaction that ultimately sets them apart from their peers and has landed them clients ranging from the international (Associated Press, BBC) to the national (McGraw-Hill, Elations—a child brand of Sunny Delight) to the local (St. Agatha of Upper Arlington).

"A lot of people design for web, but our process brings in the technical and the strategy as well." says Whitman. "We're very deliberate in building a foundation up front so that there's a solid blueprint before any programming starts." This ultimately leads to open lines of communication and solutions that are custom-built for each client.

It's not surprising, therefore, that the company has a three-pronged philosophy which emphasizes (1) approachability, (2) intelligence, and (3) efficiency. As Dopkiss says, "We want to feel comfortable enough with our clients to have a beer together at the end of the day," he said. "[Clients] don't have to understand everything about how their website works—that's where our expertise comes in. But instead of just throwing something online, their site really needs to fulfill their needs."