Jon McGinley - Loaded with Options

Cars and John McGinley have always gotten along very well. Even at an early age, he would go out of his way to take a chance at seeing the red Corvette or the Mustang that he found so appealing. “When I was in elementary school, I would take special detours on my way to and from school to check out all the cars in the driveways,” says McGinley. “If something caught my eye, it would pretty much determine my route to school.”

It should come as no surprise that McGinley started collecting cars as soon as he could. He started with a rusty 1967 Mustang that he brought back to glory and still gets out of the garage on occasion. As his collection increased, he devised a way to share his fleet with a small part of Columbus at a small cost. His idea, which he had seen first on the West Coast, was for a sports car club where members could take out any of his exotic cars for a weekend at a time. “I wasn’t worried about it catching on here in Columbus,” says McGinley. “If golf works here, and is big here, why wouldn’t the same model as a county club, only with cars, work?”

The Sports Car Club, housed at Wedgewood Sports and Imports in Powell, boasts a growing membership and a fleet of 4 cars that will only grow as the club does. The cars range from a 1997 Corvette to a Ferrari 348. They can all be driven for a small price to the member. “These aren’t cars that you would drive every day,” says McGinley. “Why not have the choice of four cars to drive than just one?”

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