Randy & Brandon Dupler - Future Comforts

If you take a quick glimpse at the career paths of twin brothers Brandon and Randy Dupler, it appears that they are twins in almost every way. They both graduated from the same Columbus high school, both went to Ohio State and joined the same fraternity, and both had a long career in office environment industry with the same previous employer. Their differences, however, are what make them a successful duo and allowed them to start their business, Dupler Office.

“We both have very different personalities and different skill sets,” says Randy. “Brandon is on the business development side and networks with the business community, where I have a tendency to do things on the operational side. So we compliment each other well.”

About six years ago, the Dupler brothers decided to look at the possibility of starting their own office design business. Both did their research in different areas to test the waters. After being approached by Allsteel furniture to create a partnership, Dupler Office was born. In 2006, the two started working together again, this time as principal partners. “It was kind of a dream of ours to be able to work together again as twins,” says Randy. “This business was something that I think we really had a passion for, so it was good to get back to it.”

Dupler Office, as it is obvious by walking into their own offices, prides itself on creating a work environment that is indicative of the feeling and stimulation that a company wants to create and reflect. They work with clients on their specific needs using their modern design techniques. “Usually when a client comes to us, it’s not just because they want to change the furniture in the office,” says Brandon. “It’s because they want to change the office environment to reflect a change in the attitude and focus of a company.”

For more information on Dupler office go to www.dupleroffice.com