Christiane Branderhorst - Charming

Tiffany & Co. The name alone seems almost beautiful. For over 170 years, they have afforded each and every woman a chance to celebrate her inner beauty. Their simple and elegant designs are truly timeless, for they are near perfect reflections of the ever-changing world in which we live. To look into this company is to look into the annuls of the “American Dream.” From the swords of generals to the necks of famous First Ladies and iconic actresses to the wrists of 16-year-old girls, Tiffany & Co.’s designs have been entrusted to eternalize moments in time so that they never lose their luster or charm.

“Take for example pearls,” says Christiane Branderhorst, Director of Columbus’ very own Tiffany & Co. at Easton Town Center. “They are not just a birthday or wedding gift; they embody an entire lifetime of sacred moments. At Tiffany & Co., we get the beautiful opportunity to celebrate the best moments of people’s lives.” On a grand level, this point is best illustrated by the championship trophies Tiffany & Co. designs and engraves. Take a look at the Crew’s 2008 MLS trophy or any of the Vince Lomabardi trophies—they’re Tiffany & Co. all the way.

Branderhorst has dedicated nearly two decades of her life to celebrating Tiffany & Co.’s culture, a culture that humbly began with the selling of fancy goods. “One big misconception about us is that luxury equals exclusivity or snobbery,” says Branderhorst. “It doesn’t. Luxury is not defined by the one asking for its definition, but by the one defining it.”

When you walk into Branderhorst’s store, you’ll find that everyone is happy, genuinely happy. Whether you are looking for a $30 set of playing cards or a 20-carat $6,500,000 ring, your experience matters. It must, for as Branderhorst and Tiffany & Co. see it, you are about to embark on a lifetime of celebration together.