Suzi West - A Rare Find

The unique appeal found lining the shelves in a store like Collier West in the Short North is something that would be more expected in the boroughs of New York or a major European city than here in Ohio. The same could be said for Suzi West, co-owner of the homewares boutique and a constant globe trekker, who could easily fit in on the streets of Paris. Thankfully for us, she’s chosen to bring it all back to Columbus with her.

“I’m always on the look out for something unique that I can add to the store,” says West. “I have a saying: I buy something when it blows my hair back.”

Inspired in 2004 by a recently purchased and empty home in the Hocking Valley, West created a mix of rustic and European décor that would later make up the majority of Collier West’s inventory. After a 10-year career as a visual director with Limited Brands, West partnered with friend Mary Jo Collier to bring her vision to reality.

After just five months, Collier West had to relocate its vast array of chandeliers and antiques to a larger space on High Street when consumer demand pushed for it. “When I was at Limited, I used to always think about the niches in the market that there was a need to fill,” says West. “There was a real demand for what Collier West brings to Columbus, more than I originally imagined.”

West plans on going on more international shopping excursions to add to her arsenal for the 2009 season. “The average shopping experience here is somewhere around forty minutes,” she says. “The store almost plays like a mix of a museum and a store. There’s a lot to process.”

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