Amanda Ellis - Addictive

Whimsical nostalgia with a modern, new-wave twist—that’s what you get when you enter Bakery Gingham. From the sweet, pink awning above the door to the kitchen-esque shop front, complete with a dining room table as the bakery counter; this is a bakery just like mom would create. Add in the inventive cupcake creations of the sprite-like Amanda Ellis and you’ve got a little piece of confectionary heaven.

It’s no wonder people are downright skipping to her shop for "grandpa's coffee," espresso cake with Kahlua icing, "snowflake," coconut cake with coconut icing and “Choosy Moms,” a peanut butter cake with a chocolate butter cream, garnished with a Reese’s cup.

“I try to name everything so it sparks curiosity about what’s inside the cupcake, like with my LL Cool Cake, which is a Lemon Lavender cake,” says Ellis. “But, a lot of my clientele just want a cupcake they had when they were growing up.”

Once tied to her computer screen as a marketing executive for a financial planning company, these days you’ll find her either in her shop greeting customers or baking a variety of treats, which even include pupcakes for her four-legged clientele.

Everything in Bakery Gingham is made fresh daily and as a true boutique shop, once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s a concept that won’t ever change, even when she moves to a larger space later this year. But, with so many cupcake flavors, one might wonder which one she touts as her favorite.

“I do like the coconut, but I’m a spice girl. I’m the one you never saw in the videos. I’m ‘Awkward Spice’ and they cut me out of the frame,” she laughs. “I love my pumpkin pie cupcakes with a graham cracker crust and my apple walnut spice.”

Visit to find your favorite.