Ryan Goldberg - A New Vision

For anyone buying a home or thinking about making a move, OSU grad Ryan Goldberg is the developer of your dreams. As the President of Centurion Development Group, his vision is crystal clear. “What’s neat about us,” he said, “is we’re creating a new kind of real estate. We encourage people to live the right way by ‘going green’ in a sustainable way. Any home we create is designed to take care of you instead of you taking care of it.”

To that end, his communities, like Ashford Park in Sandusky, Ohio, incorporate as many green technologies as possible without charging buyers a premium. These features range from wind turbines for electricity production to easy recycling programs, to more subtle details like using permeable pavement to recharge the water table. “Every aspect has been designed to minimize our impact on the planet, without reducing your quality of living, says Goldberg. “The goal is to reduce utility bills by more than half, and to eventually eliminate electricity bills altogether.”

Centurion’s mixed-use developments also allow residents to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle where connectivity is king. “This kind of community is even more important in an increasingly disconnected world,” says Goldberg. “We believe people want something different from life—more options, more fun, more time with family and friends, but less money spent on bills, less maintenance and less worry.”

Quite possibly the most unique aspect of buying a home in a Centurion development is the fractional interest you receive in the planned retail space. “Not only have we eliminated the need to drive to businesses ranging from restaurants to pharmacies, but we’ve created an environment where you’re spending money at businesses that have become an investment for you,” he said.

For more information on Ashford Park, including further amenities, floor plans and pricing information, please visit AshfordParkOhio.com.