David Kaye - Inside Out

With an elite client list stretching from Detroit to Dallas, David Kaye spends a lot of time traveling on airplanes to make sure his clients are dressed to the nines. Kaye, a self-described “clothing broker” at Astor and Black custom clothiers, has an unpredictable schedule that might make others go off the deep end after just a short time on the job.

Kaye, however, has found the right fit… and couldn’t be happier. “I’m one of those people who wakes up every morning and can’t wait to get to work,” says Kaye. “I thought I loved my other job before this, but I didn’t even know that it could get to this level.”

After putting in over a decade in the mortgage industry, Kaye saw where it was heading and decided it would be a good time to find a new line of work. He parlayed his love for fine clothing into a new career at Astor and Black. “I always liked to dress up when I was growing up,” says Kaye. “After that first custom suit, I could never go back to buying ‘off the rack’ again.”

Now, he spends his time outfitting high profile clients like Flip Saunders, coach of the Detroit Pistons, to lower-profile clients like the owner of a small pizza shop in Detroit. Kaye spends a lot of his time measuring, mixing and matching custom cuffs and collars in family rooms and offices to make his clients more comfortable.

The most fun he’s found yet is pushing clients out of their comfort zone. “I never thought that it would be so much fun to get clients to go for a look that might not be something they typically wear,” says Kaye. “It’s fun to push their comfort zone into something new and exciting.”

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