Scott Urban - Feeling Good

Though massage therapy is often thought of as an indulgence, it might be surprising to learn it is actually the fastest growing segment of the U.S. wellness industry. This fact is further bolstered by the phenomenal success of national franchise Massage Envy, led in the central Ohio area by Regional Developer Scott Urban. According to Urban, “This is a great business to be in because people love to get massaged… it’s not like taking your car to the mechanic. We [his Gahanna location] are on track to do about 1,500 massages this month.”

The core principles of the Massage Envy brand couldn’t be more simple. The company was founded on the premise that massages should be relaxing, affordable and convenient. “Initially, our price point brings people in. In fact, 20% of our initial customers have never had a professional massage. When they come in expecting to pay $40, they truly get a $120 experience,” he said.

When customers arrive, Urban’s primary focus is easing their nerves. “On the first visit, there’s a lot of education going on, and communication with the therapist is key. We need to understand the client’s medical and health needs so we can pair him or her up with the correct therapist,” he said. From that point on, therapists are able to track the progression of how clients are getting better and healing.

Currently, there are 5 Massage Envy locations in the Columbus area, with the possibility of two more on the horizon. Each location is open 88 hours a week to accommodate busy lifestyles and each is totally committed to professionalism. As Urban was quick to point out, “The employees here are required to get monthly massages from different therapists as part of an on-going learning process. He continued by saying, “We revere our therapists here, and want to make sure our clients love being here as much as we do!”

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