Jan Reese - Beautifully Put

To the casual passerby, the name “Flowers on Orchard Lane” might convey that the newest shop in downtown is either located on an imaginary street or that perhaps the ownership is directionally lost. And while you won’t find Orchard Lane on any downtown map to be sure, the shop’s beautiful Main Street storefront is anything but imaginary. As for the ownership, make no mistake about it: the shop, which specializes in flowers, bridal accessories, gifts, chocolates, and home décor, retains the name from its original physical location in Clintonville, and remains the same family-run business it’s been for the last 10 years.

Originally from Westerville, Reese’s career took off in New York City making art-to-wear jewelry. Her pieces sold in such stores as Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman’s, and Bloomingdale’s, and she could even count comedian Bill Cosby’s wife as one of her biggest fans. Success in jewelry led Reese to women’s fashions, and soon after opening a dress shop in the Florida Keys, she began retailing flowers.

When Reese learned her mother’s health was failing, she returned to Ohio and switched focus from dresses to flowers. “At first, we had no experience or knowledge about running a florist shop,” admits Reese. “I used to walk into other stores, ask questions, and they would actually teach me!” After starting small and taking on no specialty work, Reese began placing flowers in Charles Penzone salons within six months. Two years later, she took on her first wedding and hasn’t looked back. “The wedding business has been phenomenal for us,” mused Reese. “We offer a quality product at an affordable price and treat each bride as if she’s the only bride we’re working with.”

Their new store is a definite gem. “Our new location is just wonderful!” says Reese. “We’ve got diamonds to our left and the most beautiful glass art to our right; it’s a fabulous little block.” And although she’s been gone for about two years now, Reese fondly remembers how her mother used to enter flower-arranging contests. “Mother used to laugh and say that she’d eventually get her family back to Ohio. Isn’t it amazing how things come full circle?”