Cyndi Britton - Heating Up

With an interior reminiscent of a hip downtown club and tanning beds that look more like they are ready to blast off into space than give you a glowing tan, Cyndi Britton’s No Tan Lines concept well-exceeds what you would expect from a neighborhood tanning salon.

Located in the heart of the Campus Gateway, No Tan Lines offers the most innovative tanning beds in the city, as well as a cutting edge hair salon. On most days, you’ll find the plush waiting area packed, as students and professionals alike wait their turn. You’ll also find Britton pushing up her own sleeves and getting to work. After all, this is her pride and joy.

“Sometimes I get down here and I can’t leave for five or six hours and I’ll be in back cleaning off beds while they’re ringing up customers,” she says. “Being a business owner, I want everything to be perfect and I don’t want the customers to wait.”

Britton, who still holds her full-time “day job,” always wanted to have a business of her own and this was a concept that she knew well and was passionate about. Eventually, she would like to expand the concept into other neighborhoods throughout the city.

“I didn’t realize there was such a void in this market as far as a tanning and hair salon in the area between campus and downtown,” remarks Britton. “And when people come in, they are really, really shocked at the quality of our salon and that’s what I’m most proud of. I feel like we’re one of the first tanning salons in Columbus to really focus on excellent customer service and an excellent product.”