Amy Hammer - A Charming Spirit

Amy Hammer’s got spirit. Not the cheesy kind that overzealous cheerleaders exude, but the kind that pours from an aged bottle of champagne. She’s been in the wine distribution business basically her entire life (her family started The Hammer Company, a Cleveland-based wine distribution company that’s almost a century old), and much like the bubbles in an easily poured glass of bubbly, she can’t help but rise to the top.

“My Dad gave me the best advice when I began in sales,” reflects Hammer. “He told me to always treat people with respect and never burn a bridge. While this industry seems quite large, it is really pretty small. If you make sure to respect people, you never have to worry about something you said or something you did coming back to haunt you.”

Currently, Hammer is Moet Hennessey USA’s Consumer Development Manager for Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. She has aged well over the years in terms of her abilities and knowledge of her trade, having first worked as a waitress and bartender, then moving up through the family business ranks of sales, management and marketing. Hammer’s easygoing charm is genuine—a fortunate attribute, considering her entire world revolves around selling and marketing premium wine and spirits. Having married her passions to her career, there is no way to tell where and how far MH USA will take her.

“It is great to see more and more consumers venturing into the wine aisles at the store and trying new things,” says Hammer. “As vodkas continue to boom, I think we will begin to see more and more competition in the super premium category. A good example is Belvedere. But given my own love for bubbles, I hope to see continued growth in the sparkling wine and champagne category. Too many people look at champagnes and sparkling wines as a purchase for big celebrations, where I see them as perfect for everyday celebrations.”