Steve Lerner - Resolute

The Sawmill Athletic Club, a 27-year-old stalwart of athletic clubs in the central Ohio area, closed its doors two years ago for a much-needed renovation. The wear and tear was starting to show and it was agreed that an extensive makeover was needed to stay on the cutting edge. After a year, Premier at Sawmill was born, and the new layout and look of the club was a resounding success.

Steve Lerner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Premier, followed a similar path two years ago when he started working for the club. “I was in sports marketing for years and I just needed a change,” says Lerner. “I love the energy that this place has when I come to work every day. I really enjoy working here, it would take a lot for me to even consider leaving.”

Much like Lerner, the club is bright and full of life and activity. The new amenities, like the bistro and an extremely open layout and modern design, put Premier steps ahead of most of its competition. Lerner, an accomplished racquetball player who also coached the US national racquetball team to multiple titles, spent a lot of time in places similar to Premier honing his craft on the courts. “I’ve been in clubs all over the country,” says Lerner. “I’ve been to just terrible places and seen the very best, and I honestly think Premier is one of nicest clubs I’ve ever seen.”

Unlike country clubs or just massive corporate clubs, Premier has a more intimate setting that would be suited for a family or someone who wants the staff to remember his/her name. “When you come in here, people at the desk are going to remember you,” says Lerner. “They’re going to know why you’re here, and what you need.”

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