Damon Givens - Stylin’

The dream was to create an atmosphere where anyone could come in for service and instantly feel comfortable and at home. The salon would reflect the collective personality of the neighborhood, but ultimately cater to each client’s individual style. At stile, Easton’s hottest salon and spa, maintaining their smooth image is crucial, but exacting each client’s anticipated experience is everything.

“The “I” in Stile’s name is really the most important part,” says stile owner Damon Givens. “It can stand for individual, inspiration or a number of things. It’s really about the individual; that’s what stile is all about.”

Givens, a late 80s New Jersey transplant to Columbus, attended Eastland vocational school to study Cosmetology and learn the ropes of the business. After a short period of time cutting his friends hair in his basement, he was urged by his cousin to learn how to cut women’s hair and expand his horizons.

“My friend Curtis and I were just cutting out friends’ hair,” says Givens. “I went to Steinerdouglas (I believe this is one word) Salon and worked as a stylist for Kelley Douglas for years before we worked together to open stile.”

Givens opened the boutique at Easton with the help of longtime friend Curtis Barnett and his business partner Kelley Douglas after seeing the empty space at Easton and realizing the potential it had. The stile concept will be transplanted into different neighborhoods, but each location will mirror the area. Stile at Steinerdouglas is already in place and a Short North location is in the works that will center on an edgier fringe fashion element. Givens doesn’t know how many locations it will take before he is satisfied.

“I always thought that I would reach this point,” says Givens, “I just don’t know when I’ll be able to just stop. You could take this concept anywhere. You could see stile at Polaris or stile on Fifth Avenue or stile on Rodeo (accent mark) drive.”

For more information on stile, go to www.stilesalon.com