Jimi Marshall - Inside the Box

A box is just a box, right? Not to Jimi Marshall, Regional Sales Manager for Stephen Gould Corporation, the largest privately owned packaging sales organization in the United States.

“If I handed you a corrugated box and tell you to talk to me about it, you would probably talk for less than 15 seconds. You would say it’s a box, it’s square, it’s made of paper and it’s brown,” says Marshall. “Give it to me and I can tell you everything from the manufacture of the paper to how the content of the paper is even manufactured and more. I can talk for hours on it, but you would be bored to tears.”

To tears? No. But to the point? Yes. Marshall definitely knows his stuff, and he should, after spending 30 years with the company. He’s worked with such clients as Bath & Body Works, Johnny Walker Red and Cadillac, while helping to create everything from corrugated boxes to point-of-sale displays.

“Although the core product is the same,” reflects Marshall, “every day is different because every customer has a different requirement.”

Stephen Gould itself operates 37 branches throughout the world and handles every aspect from creative to customized packaging design and production to fulfillment, warehousing and “Just-In-Time” delivery. Here in town, the setup is just as elaborate to help fulfill the needs of all of those big name clients.

“Here in Columbus we have a 75,000 square foot, state-of-the-art collation and assemble assembly center where we take our customers’ products and collate them with products we manufacture, then shrink wrap, label and recut the displays and distribute.”

Just another box? Yeah, right!