Bill Conley - The Midas Touch

Ohio State football has enjoyed a wealth of talent over its illustrious history that is the envy of almost any program in the country. Multiple Heisman winners and a long list of Alumni currently playing in the NFL are all indicators of the caliber of player expected to don the scarlet and gray every year.

These are the pedigree of players that former Ohio State recruiter Bill Conley got to commit over his seventeen year tenure. “The X’s and O’s don’t matter as much at that level,” says Conley. “You have to have better players to execute.”

Conley has been the architect of Ohio State football talent for the better part of two decades, getting players like Eddie George, Mike Vrabel, Cris Carter and Chris Gamble to sign on the dotted line and come to Columbus rather than taking their talents to other universities. “The thrill you get when you land a recruit is the same thrill you get when you win the game,” says Conley. “It’s all part of the competition.”

Division I college football recruiting is a competitive business. It has taken Conley from coast to coast and given him an abundance of fascinating tales. He recently compiled those stories in his book Buckeye Bumper Crops, which offers a compelling and humorous viewpoint of life as a recruiter.

Since retiring as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator in 2004, Conley has kept busy as an analyst for Channel 4 WCMH and 610 WTVN. He is also an acclaimed motivational speaker and will soon write for ESPN as a college football analyst.

“It’s hard to get the coaching bug out of my system,” he reflects. “That’s why everything that I’ve been doing has revolved around athletics.”

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