Ron Hainsey - Cool Bet

There aren’t many job descriptions that require you to step in front of a 90 mph slap shot or take a bone shattering hit in the corner, all to try to keep a small piece of vulcanized rubber out of the your own net. Now picture doing it at an extremely high speed...on ice.

Ron Hainsey’s somewhat dangerous yet highly-coveted job is patrolling the blue line and standing up to the National Hockey League’s best offensive talent every night, and it’s no easy task. “I still get anxious before every game to get out there,” admits Hainsey, “especially the first game of the year.”

The offensively-minded defenseman started off his third full season with a bang, by taking a pass from behind the net and scoring in the first game. “It felt really good to get that first goal out of the way already,” he reflects. “I don’t think I got one last year until 13 of 14 games in.”

Hainsey got his first glimpse of hockey when his family took him to a Hartford Whalers game at a very young age. Since then, he knew hockey was something he wanted to be a part of. As a Bolton, Connecticut native and avid New York Yankees fan, Ron spends most of his off-seasons fishing and taking it easy before training again for the rigors of a long NHL schedule. “I have a pond on my property back home,” says Hainsey. “It’s something I enjoy.”

When he was picked up off waivers and brought into Columbus, he didn’t know much about the city he would soon call home. But luckily he found his niche and was truly welcomed by the Jackets. “I really didn’t know too much about Columbus, I just knew that OSU was here,” says Hainsey. “Now I see it’s a great city with a lot going on. The fans here are great and I really like it here.”