Hein Tran - Nailin’ It

In 2005, Tran and his two brothers decided to apply their 30+ years of industry experience (all of which they earned at their parent’s business in Willoughby, Ohio) and create a signature nail salon that would make each of its clients a lifetime supporter by making VIP standard. Fortunately for us, Tran chose to open the first of his dream concepts in Columbus. His Polaris gem, named NLounge, is a custom nail salon that does absolutely everything to separate itself from the rest of nail-pampering pack.

Each procedure demands a certain amount of treatment time, which may only be shortened at the client’s request. NLounge doesn’t just offer the basic choice of Express or Regular; it features eight different manicures and pedicures, many of which utilize natural, durable, easily –to-maintain products that keep customers from having to sacrifice their real nail’s health for aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, they’ve added premium perks like sugar scrubs and scents, which are traditionally billed as added services everywhere else, to all their treatments. As for the salon’s appearance, applying the acronym VIC (Very Insanely Clean) might help. Seriously. Each specialist deep cleans and disinfects their entire workstation before and after every treatment, something no other salon can attest to doing (state regulation requires only once a night!).

“NLounge was created to be amazingly clean, affordable and welcoming,” says Tran. “When our customers leave, I want them to feel like heaven. I want them thinking about nothing — no kids, no work, no husband (or wife), no bills — other than themselves and the treatment they just received."

How beautiful it is to find talent and business savvy behind such grand expectations. So often they are the work of neophytes whose wishes require more credit than their will and wallet can afford. NLounge is as sharp as they come.

Visit www.nailloungesalon.com for more information.