Chelsea Penzone - Brand Name

For over 38 years, the name Charles Penzone has been synonymous with cutting-edge hair design and ultimate pampering. Now Chelsea Penzone, Charles’ daughter, is not only building on that name as director of marketing, but she’s helping the four Grand Salons evolve with the times, as well as solidify their other brands including Max The Salon, Q Salon and The Studio.

But working in the family biz wasn’t originally part of Chelsea’s career plan. After graduating college with an Art History degree, she found herself in San Francisco moving from radio advertising to promoting DVD releases for The Who and other artists. But after completing a year stint in Salt Lake City, she felt home calling her name.

“I wasn’t for sure, even at that time, if I would go work for my family,” remembers Chelsea. “I interviewed for a lot of sales jobs and I didn’t want to be on that side of it again.” That’s when fate stepped in and gave her a friendly push back into the family business. “My dad had someone who was going on maternity leave and he asked me to come back,” she says. “It was a tough decision because it’s hard to go work for your family’s company, but I think it was definitely a great decision. It’s gotten more and more enjoyable every year…Business meetings are lunches with my dad, what could be better?”

In between those lunches, Chelsea continues to build the brand in a youthful, contemporary way with an urban spin. One of her first big projects, and we mean big, was organizing the placement of one of the first downtown wallscapes at the corner of Third and Gay. She knew it was successful, not when business increased, but when she heard people used it as part of their directions to navigate downtown.

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