Steve Tufo - Cleared for Takeoff

You may think that eating well on an airplane is a problem linked to those only in Coach, but believe it or not, even the elite who travel first class or by private jet, are also dining challenged and on the hunt for delicious, quick and airborne-friendly food.

“There was a niche for a company who would go as far as bringing a boxed breakfast or lunch for one person over to their facility,” says Steve Tufo of his first catering job with Executive Jets at Port Columbus Airport. “That’s how we started and just built it up from there. There was a need for it.”

From there his business, Tufo’s To Go Catering, has flourished with clients that include not only Executive Jets but the Bush, Kerry and Clinton presidential campaign staffs, rock stars such as KISS and pro sports teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Celtics.

Given the small window of time that a campaign or celebrity’s plane may be on the ground, Tufo provides mostly upscale boxed lunches along side deli and cheese plates, but with the goal to keep what goes in the boxes simple and extremely delicious.

“The best compliment is when a plane for a major celebrity comes in from a big city like New York and they tell you your food is much better than anything they are used to,” says Tufo.

All in all, Tufo’s caters around 20-30 small events a day as well as other larger events such as weddings and golf outings throughout the year. Tufo also hopes to expand his upscale airline catering to Cleveland and other major Ohio airports in the near future.

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