Blaine Byers - All in the Family

Few family names in Columbus carry as much undeniable clout and respect as the Byers name. With a family business dating back over 100 years, that’s just the way it goes. Such presence, however, comes with an amazingly challenging set of micro and macro responsibilities, for great support demands even greater service.

Blaine Byers, the current fourth generation Vice President of George Byers Sons, Inc., which has grown into a near empire of eight dealerships and 14 manufacturers at eight separate locations, knows the weight of greatness all to well. “Our company started in 1897 selling horses and buggies,” says Blaine. “Four generations later, and I now have a son who could potentially be the fifth generation car dealer. The company is still all run by family members, and I hope to continue that for a couple more generations.”

Blaine began working in the family biz washing cars, selling parts at the parts counter, driving the shuttle bus and answering any call that came. To this day, it’s not unheard of that he would wash a client’s car, if need be. Making clients happy has become second nature for Blaine; finding a way to work day in and day out with family, though, remains the true Rubik’s Cube.

“Family business is a rough way to go,” says Blaine. “We have different people in my family with different talents and we just have to find the right places for them. You just have to find the places that they fit in best and continue to be able to sit down at a dinner table and speak to each other. One of our assets is that our family members all get along pretty well—at least this generation does. Who knows about the next.”

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