Brian Till - A Course in Life

Brian Till raced cars in the Indy 500 and the SCCA Trans-Am Championship; he was the 1990 Toyota Atlantic East Champion and Rookie of the Year; and currently, he commentates during professional races on Speedtv, ESPN and CBS. Yet, it’s his role as an instructor at The Mid-Ohio School, which is based at Mid-Ohio’s Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, that he considers the true constant in his multi-faceted racing career.

“You find yourself in motor sports teaching when you don’t have the opportunity to drive and are looking for a ride,” says Till. “For me, I taught a little bit early on in my racing career, and by the time I started at Mid-Ohio, I was driving Indy cars, so it was really at the pinnacle of my career. Though the majority of his time is spent broadcasting from pit lane, Till’s made it a priority to lend his extensive driving and teaching experience to Mid-Ohio students, thus providing them an insider’s view on what it takes to drive like a pro, both on and off the race track. “To me, teaching is fun and it allows you to give you back,” he says.

With classes that cover high-performance driving skills ranging from high-speed cornering and lapping drills on one of the most competitive tracks in the U.S. to how to maneuver in various weather conditions, it’s interesting to learn that Till’s favorite class to teach is actually the Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program. “I like to think that we are giving these kids more tools in their tool box so they can be better, safer drivers,” reflects Till. “The better the instruction you have in anything and the longer you do it, the better you are going to get at it.” He admits is not the most glamorous of the school’s selections; however, in his mind, it is the one that makes the biggest difference.

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