Mark Nelson - Fixing Fixes

Being surrounded by exotic models with sexy curves and gorgeous bodies is all in a day’s work for Mark Nelson. He’s the Service Manager of Lamborghini Ohio, the largest Lamborghini dealership in the United States. “At first, I used to get all revved up,” remembers Nelson. “I think my kids get more excited about it than I do. Don’t get me wrong; they’re special, but I’m around them all the time and I know I’m coming back to see them.”

Nelson’s international beauties are handled with the finest of care 30-minutes northwest of Columbus in a 24,500 square-foot showroom dedicated exclusively to Lambos and other luxury performance vehicles. Whether it’s a custom ride for clients like 50 Cent, Nicholas Cage or John Mellencamp, or a high-power, high-performance upgrade for any of the nation’s owners of exotic vehicles, Nelson is the go-to cat.

Depending on your options, Lamborghini prices range from around $200k for a Lamborghini Gallardo to $350k for the new Lamborghini Murciélago LP640. A gas cap alone costs around $438! “I’m in the people business, man,” says Nelson. “The biggest thing is being straightforward, being honest and not hiding anything. As long as I’m being honest, I don’t feel bad about the price of things.”

With certified technician magicians Parker Moffett and Eric Hargett by his side, Nelson, who is also a former military tank mechanic, is prepared to service all things Lamborghini and more. “I have a Porsche owner who also brings me his Daewoo, because he likes our guys,” says Nelson. “I think you'll find most of us are family people.”

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