Kevin Buckland - Growing Art

There is a fine line between graphic art and fine art, but Kevin Buckland of Buckland and Gillespie Graphic Design, Inc. has grown and evolved his business over the past 23 years by finding value in all of art’s wonderful forms.

“When we started out, we were working with our hands a lot and mechanical art with X-acto knives and that sort of thing,” he says. “Then computers came into play, and it’s still evolving, but it’s still an art, because computers are only as good as the information being put into them. It’s an unique blend of fine art and commercial.”

Buckland and his wife and business partner Pertain Gillespie work with international clients such as McDonald’s, as well as local companies like Raisin Rack and Ross Labs. They have also designed all of the promotional pieces for The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic—many of which have been translated into several languages and sent all over the world.

A few years ago, Buckland decided to incorporate his love of painting into the mainstream workplace. Since then, he has created several fine art paintings now licensed by local and national companies alike. One such painting is Scarlet & Gray Saturday, a tight rendering piece depicting everything that is Buckeye football on a fall Saturday afternoon. “We went to art school for painting and it’s our first love,” he says. “So I figured out a way to combine the two.”

Scarlet & Gray Saturday will appear on several products later this year for an undisclosed local company with a national presence. Until then, the original and some prints can be found at Capital City Galleries at the Polaris Fashion Place.