Dan Clifford - The Insider

Finally, a man who knows what women want—at least when it comes to lingerie. Ohio State University grad and Akron native, Dan Clifford, is Director of Marketing for Victoria’s Secret stores.

Clifford began his career in the marketing world while working at a boutique ad agency in New York City during a hiatus from college. He then spent six years at another ad agency in Chicago before returning to Columbus in 2001 to start with Victoria’s Secret. “To me,” says Clifford, “marketing is the merging of art and science. I love that it allows me to be creative.” From a boutique agency to one of the most recognized brands in the United States, Clifford followed his passion and today leads marketing ideas that influence women around the world.

“Victoria’s Secret began because Les Wexner had the idea that American women bought underwear, while European women bought lingerie, and he wanted to sell lingerie to American women,” says Clifford. “Today, Victoria’s Secret does more than sell lingerie; it aims to make women feel beautiful, empowered and sexy, and I like being a part of that process.”

Though he modestly admits to knowing more than the average guy, when you speak with Clifford, it’s obvious that he has an inside track on the female mind. “I try to look at lingerie not from a guy’s perspective, but from a woman’s perspective,” he says. “Being with a lingerie company, the majority of people I work with are women and [we have] more women leaders than most organizations. But my wife is my toughest critique. If it gets past her, I know I’m doing well.”