Kevin Miles & Matt Marshall - Men in Black

Columbus is awash in executives these days, and almost all of them need to get from one place to another, and, as should be expected, they want to do it in executive style. Kevin Miles and Matt Marshall are keenly aware of the locomotive needs of our areas corporate captains (and their visiting counterparts), and have created, as Miles says, “a true black car service for executives in Columbus.”

The mission of Prestige Corporate Car is to provide a level of luxury, sophistication and security most often associated with the stretched Hummers and twenty-foot Town Cars, but in a more manageable and wieldy format.

Miles used to own a traditional limo company and Marshall is the progenitor and namesake of Marshall’s restaurant in Grandview. Between the two of them, they know how to do everything that a luxury car service should. Miles knows how to trick a ride out so it’s cushy and get its passengers where they need to be when they need to be there, while Marshall knows customer service and guest-comfort strategies by the carload.

“If the client wants it, we can provide Ohio Police Officers Training Commission (OPOTC) certified security,” says Miles. “We are the only service in Columbus that offers that.” Security does seem to be on everyone’s mind in contemporary America, so it seems that Marshall and Miles are on the right track with Prestige Corporate Car.