Vincent Volpi - And Justice for All

He’s not a gumshoe, a corporate spy or a hired gun. His name is Vincent Volpi, and he’s the COO of PICA Corporation (Professional Investigating and Consulting Agency), the global leader for loss prevention and risk management services. Let’s just say that you either work for him, or, well, with them. “We are a sophisticated concept that puts us at the cutting edge of corporate development,” says Volpi. “We are a reach-out-and-touch-you operation—good or bad.”

Volpi tenaciously manages the company’s global operations for both the private sector and the U.S. military. “Corruption in most of the developing world is huge,” explains Volpi. “PICA is able to navigate through pseudo-legal and cultural systems that are codified to some extent, but do not exactly work the way they were designed to. We force justice by using all of our influence at our disposal—the media, industry groups, embassies, as well as developing relations with local officials that understand the value of the rule of law.”

Prior to joining PICA Corporation, Volpi served with the Hewlett Packard Corporation leading the Global Anti-counterfeiting Program. He was directly responsible for the worldwide interdiction of over $250 million in counterfeit imaging supplies. Volpi is a one-of-a-kind mind, employed to protect some of the world’s most prominent brands—think Shell, HP, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson.

If all this weren’t enough, Volpi has helped make PICA a global leader in retail loss prevention. PICA was first employed by Ralph Lauren to help the clothing company go public. Now, Diaz’s corporation works for such names as Dona Karen, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.