Shelly Roth - Food 4 Thought

You know all that “be good to each other” stuff that the preponderance of collective human narrative has been telling us? That is how Shelly Roth has actually been living her life. Hailing from the small town of West Liberty, Ohio, Roth attended Goshen College, a small Mennonite school in Indiana. She received a degree in Nutritional Science from Goshen and immediately set out to help those less fortunate.

She lived in a Haitian Bate in a remote part of the Dominican Republic and later some of the more impoverished areas of Guatemala. There she did public health outreach programs and nutrition education work. “We taught women the importance of breast feeding versus using formula and contaminated water,” Roth modestly states, describing one of the programs she oversaw in Guatemala that has already saved the lives and improved the health of hundreds of women and children. And, she did all of this before even going to graduate school.

Since completing a master’s degree in Public Health and Nutrition at the University of North Carolina, Roth has moved to Central Ohio. Here, she is Vice President of After School Nutrition and Education for the Children’s Hunger Alliance. “The programs that we oversee provide hot meals and nutrition information to hungry and at risk children in Central Ohio,” says Roth. They also provide funding to local, hunger-fighting organizations, provide safe places for kids after school, and physical fitness education.

The quiet impact that Roth has made on the world continues to make it a better place for thousands upon thousands of people. To find out how you can help the Children’s Hunger Alliance in their efforts, log on to