Pamela Hashem - Who You Know

Pamela Hashem knows where to find the money in Columbus. She also knows how to liberate it from its stodgy bank vaults and whatever other spooky hiding places the more affluent have for it. She has to—she’s a fundraising consultant.

Hashem hails from Urban, Ohio, and attended Wright State University near Dayton. After getting a Political Science degree there, she went on to get a Masters in Public Administration from Bowling Green. But administering the public didn’t really grab Hashem in the way that hands-on politicking did. She started working as a legislative aid to Pat Tiberi, and, bearing in mind the old “it’s-not-what-but-who” adage, she began networking. Fortunately for Hashem, she knows the what, too, which allows her the luxury of informed conversation, a must in the fast-paced world of politics.

Her work paid off when she landed a gig with the Ohio State Medical Association as a lobbyist. For a skilled networker who’s driven to open her own consulting firm, that’s a godsend. And, Hashem took full advantage of it.

Now, she runs PRH Consulting Group, a fundraising group, and has been directing the fundraising efforts for myriad Central Ohio Republicans. “This is a tough year for Republicans, but I know my candidates can win. And my issue must win,” says Hashem, giving us a sense that she genuinely cares about her candidates and the issues they champion. That sense is later corroborated when she begins a thoughtful and very cogent explanation of why her issue must pass and a frank analysis of the strengths and shortcomings of not only her candidates but the opposing candidates as well. Knowing your stuff is the best way to talk people out of their money. That’s why Hashem is so good at her job.