Scott “Woody” Woodruff - Performance Smarts

The name Jeg is legendary in racing circles, and it is not just because the voiceover guy who does the monster truck ads has figured out how to make the three-letter name into a four or five-syllable growl. It’s because, before he was known as the founder of Jeg’s, the gargantuan mail-order performance parts store, Jeg was a hell of a racer.

Scott Woodruff knows all about it. He’s the guy in charge of making sure that the legend of Jeg Sr. and the current accomplishments of Jeg Jr. (himself a world-class racer) are known to the general public. He’s the Director of Media for Team Jeg’s and there’s no one better to do it, either. He’s been friends with Jeg Jr. since they were kids, so, not only does he know how great the Jeg’s racing dynasty is, he really cares.

“I figured I’d just end up managing money for Jeg’s,” Woodruff says, since he was a money guy before he was a media guy, “but then they offered me this.”

Woodruff’s office walls are covered in magazine covers praising the racing prowess of the Jeg’s team and newspaper articles lauding the tremendous efforts of the Jeg’s Foundation to fight cancer. It’s proof that Woodruff is getting the word out. All over the country now the name Jeg’s means performance in the worlds of both racing and philanthropy.

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