Ken Rupp - Breakin’ it Down

Ken Rupp, owner of Billiards Plus, has a business agenda centered on maximizing individuals’ gaming experiences, but his approach to business is 100% game free. Now that's irony. Real irony, not rain-on-your-wedding-day irony.

Having worked for nearly every major electronic store, Southern Bowling and Billiards smartly recruited Rupp. Shortly thereafter, however, Rupp quickly realized he should and could be working for himself. After a small investment from each of his parents, Billiards Plus was born in Oct 1994. Billiards Plus is now central Ohio’s largest locally owned and operated billiards supply store.

“Our salespeople don’t work on commission, so our customers receive better treatment,” explains Rupp. “We set the prices at Billiards Plus. We don't mark our tables up, only to mark them down again, just to make customers think they are getting a deal. We know what makes a great pool table, and we know how much it should cost. We feel that buying a pool table should be fun, not work.”

To assure customers that they are indeed dealing with a caring family of craftsman, Rupp guarantees his tables will play properly for as long as they own them. “We’ve got tables valued at $1000 to $30,000,” says Rupp. “We’ve spent years picking out the best products at all price points. I don’t believe you can buy a better product anywhere for less money than what we sell it for. You can certainly spend less money, but you can’t get a better product for less.”

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