Sean Salmon - Taking Names

Sean Salmon is a family man. He’ll do whatever it takes to take care of his wife and son, even if it means kicking a little ass. Actually, he usually does. Salmon’s a cage fighter. Of late, the sport has become enormously popular with the 18-34s and the purses and endorsement money keep getting bigger and bigger, so Salmon is poised to provide quite handily. “The biggest amount paid by the [Ultimate Fighting Championship] for a single fight is $1.5 million,” says Salmon, “and that’s just for the fight. It doesn’t include endorsement money.”

Talking to Salmon, however, one gets the impression he isn’t just in it for the money. He’s a born competitor and talented athlete who began his fighting career as a wrestler, after dabbling in football and basketball. His senior year at Worthington Kilbourne High School, he went 44-1, losing only his first match.

After a stint as a professional wrestler (real wrestling), Salmon came to UFC fighting. “My very first fight they put me in a situation I was supposed to lose,” Salmon recalls of his introduction to UFC. “I was fighting a kid that was 13-3 in the main event.” That fight was the first of his six professional cage-match victories. Since then, he has garnered the attention of Damage Incorporated, a fighter management company, and, upon victorious completion of his two pending fights (Sept. 23 in Corpus Christie, TX and Sept. 29 in Indy), he will sign a contract with the UFC.

That should take care of things nicely.

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